Experienced Safety Analysis Engineer  

Job Type: Full Time
Career Level:: bachalor
Job Location:: Saudi Arabia
Salary: 2100-4100USD
Categories: Engineering Services Oil and Gas

Experienced Safety Analysis Engineer  


SALARY with accommodation, transportation & food = 2100USD

SALARY without accommodation, transportation & food = 4100USD 

All candidate must have offshore experience.

(Above 5 years’ experience in safety analysis in the oil and gas industry)

Jobs Requirements:

  1. According to the system requirements of company, complete safety professional management related work, including but not limited to the review of the results of the previous stage, the development of this professional plan, the preparation of professional plans, progress, quality control, communication and coordination with the owner, project team, and related disciplines, and participate in various review meetings and discussions related to the project
  2. Design, review and approval of safety and fire protection professional documents, and closure of owner opinions
  3. Procurement of safety and fire protection professional equipment
  4. Review of 3D models for safety and fire protection majors5. Safety and fire protection professional on-site construction technical support

Job responsibility:

  1. bachelor’s degree or above, with a senior professional title;
  2. Master the principles, methods, and processes of international mainstream security analysis and workshops, and have the ability to independently organize relevant security analysis and workshops.
  3. Proficient in mastering international mainstream safety and fire protection design standards such as API and NFPA; Proficient in the development of conventional safety and fire protection plans and system design in the petroleum and petrochemical industry, and flexible application.
  4. Proficient in both Chinese and English communication skills, with the ability to speak and preside over meetings in a fully English conference environment.
  5. Work diligently, rigorously, with a strong sense of responsibility, hardworking, and can work overtime according to work needs.
  6. Strong coordination and organizational skills, able to organize relevant personnel to solve problems and communicate with others.
  7. Proficient in using common office and drawing software;

Teleport Manpower Consultant

How to Apply.
Submit Your CV with Complete documents at:
teleportmanpower@gmail.com         jobs@teleportmanpower.com
Office Address:
House# FA-224A, Sultan Street nearest landmark Sultan Arcade plaza, Sector I-8/4 extention area, Satellite Girls Hostel Faizabad Islamabad.
0332-5130004    0332-5130008  0332-5130009     
051-4800594,    051-8775800

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