Fire Watch

Job Type: Full Time
Career Level:: Higher Level

Primary purpose of the job :

Monitor hot work site to prevent any fire or potential spark generating activities, man the firefighting equipment and use the firefighting equipment if necessary during and after the execution of hot work.

Duties and Responsibilities :

  • Establish radio contact or other method of contact with Field Operator
  • Know the hazards that may be encountered during hot work procedures
  • Know the appropriate emergency responses in the event of an incident
  • Ensuring fire-fighting equipment is available and ready for immediate use
  • Ensuring that the work site area is cleared of flammable and combt1Stible materials
  • Ensuring drains are covered and sealed
  • Ensuring that guards / barriers / barricades are in place to contain the spark or welding spatter
  • Initiating emergency alarm and response should a fire or gas release occur in the area
  • Sign the Work Group Declaration section of the Hot Work permit
  • Perform no other duty that might interfere with their primary responsibility during the course of the bot work activities
  • Continuously monitoring the hot work activity and surrounding area
  • Continue monitoring for at least 30 minutes after the work has been completed, to allow hot surfaces to cool, and for the work area to be deemed safe
  • Be familiar in use of the portable gas detector during the work activity.

Experience, Knowledge and skills :

Educational Qualifications: Secondary School Certificate
Relevant Work Experience: minimum 1-year experience in an Oil & Gas sector, with part/full time responsibility for fire prevention and fighting
English Language Skills: Basic written and oral communication skills in English.
Trade Certificate / Specialized Trainings:

  • Certified basic fire training of minimum two-day duration.
    Job Specific Requirements:
  • Basic knowledge on the principles of fire, fire prevention and fire fighting
  • Minimum 1 year experience in an Oil & Gas sector, with part / full time responsibility for fire prevention and fighting
  • Sound knowledge in the use of Emergency Life Saving Apparatus


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