Principal QA/QC Engineer

Job Type: Full Time
Career Level:: bachalor
Job Location:: Saudi Arabia
Salary: 4500-6500USD
Categories: Engineering Services Oil and Gas

Principal QA/QC Engineer

(Above 15 years’ experience in offshore engineering or related work.)

All candidate must have offshore experience.


SALARY with accommodation, transportation & food = 4500USD

SALARY without accommodation, transportation & food = 6500USD 

Job requirement:

  1. Bachelor’s degree or above, with international or local government recognized qualification as a quality engineer;
    2.Having at least two qualification certificates related to quality (including welding CWI or equivalent level qualification, non-destructive testing level II or above qualification, anti-corrosion NACE level II or equivalent level qualification);
    3. Proficient in using relevant office software such as Excel word ppt;
    4. Work diligently, rigorously, with a strong sense of responsibility, hardworking, and can work overtime at any time according to work needs;
    5. Possess good coordination and organizational skills, able to organize relevant personnel to solve problems  and communicate with others.
  2. Possess English as the first mother tongue, or obtain corresponding learning recognition certificates for English as a second language, such as TOEIC 805 or above. Fluent in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and communicating with multiple parties.
  3. Able to use simple evaluation and evaluation methods to qualitatively analyze established work, identify key nodes, and take targeted measures.
  4. It is recommended to use.

Job responsibility:

  1. Prepare quality plan documents according to the owner’s requirements, revise and upgrade the quality plan;
  2. Provide opinions and suggestions on quality management.
  3. Responsible for implementing project personnel quality accusations, establishing a project quality organizational structure, and effectively carrying out project quality management work;
    4. Conduct special quality audits, evaluations, analyses, inspections, and investigations.
  4. Responsible for the quality management of subcontractors during the implementation of the project, and regularly organize the evaluation, inspection, and audit of on-site and subcontractors.
  5. Responsible for organizing and assisting in quality training.
  6. Responsible for identifying project quality risks, establishing a risk list, and developing project quality risk control measures.
  7. Responsible for receiving various special quality inspections and audits from the owner or external parties, and supervising and rectifying any issues and non conformities found at the same time.
  8. Responsible for investigating, handling, and reporting quality incidents/accidents, as well as writing investigation and closure reports.
  9. Responsible for daily quality inspections, inspections, and hazard rectification work.
  10. Responsible for preparing project quality weekly and monthly reports, and compiling statistics on the investigation of quality hazards.
    12. Responsible for attending on-site quality management meetings13. Collect and summarize project quality management experiences/lessons learned cases, and organize internal communication
  11. Provide consulting services for Party A in terms of quality management technical support.
    15. Complete other relevant work specified by Party A.

Teleport Manpower Consultant

How to Apply.
Submit Your CV with Complete documents at:
Office Address:
House# FA-224A, Sultan Street nearest landmark Sultan Arcade plaza, Sector I-8/4 extention area, Satellite Girls Hostel Faizabad Islamabad.
0332-5130004    0332-5130008  0332-5130009     
051-4800594,    051-8775800

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