Safety Watch

Job Type: Full Time
Career Level:: Higher Level

Primary purpose of the job :

Control the entry and exit from confined space, establish communication with entrants and EMS, continuously monitor confined space conditions and alert entrants regarding any change of conditions/emergency inside or outside and alert emergency management personnel.

Duties and responsibilities :

  • Establish radio Communication with Field Operator, EMS and entrants as stipulated in the rescue plan
  • Know the hazards that may be encountered during confined space activities
  • Know the appropriate emergency responses in the event of an incident
  • Familiar with the operation of respiratory equipment and lifelines when required to be used
  • Reviewing Permit Pack requirements and confirming that all identified controls are in place to allow safe entry
  • Ensuring that the work site area is cleared of flammable and combustible materials
  • Ensuring drains are covered and sealed
  • Ensuring that guards/barriers/barricades are in place to contain the spark or welding spatter
  • Initiating emergency alarm and response should a fire or gas release occur in the area
  • Ensuring that a rescue plan is available and discuss with the permit Holder and work group
  • Confirming that rescue equipment is in a ready state and available onsite as stipulated in the rescue plan.
  • Maintaining access / egress log of authorized entrants & ensure only authorized persons enter the Confined Space
  • Perform no other duty that might interfere with their primary responsibility during the course of the confined space entry activities.
  • While persons are in the confined space, the Safety Watch personnel must:
  • Maintain effective contact and communication with people in the confined space (visually if practicable)
  • If designated as a Gas watch, record at the required intervals the continuous gas monitoring results on the Atmospheric test record
  • Must not leave his post unless relieved by another Safety watch and conduct a hand-over of the conditions, personnel involved, etc.
  • Perform no other duty that might interfere with their primary responsibility during the course of the hot work activities
  • Monitor activities in and around the confined space to determine if it is safe for entrants to remain within the space and order the entrants to evacuate the space immediately under any of the following conditions:
  • Detect any prohibited condition or unexpected hazard arising during the maintenance activity.
  • Observes the entrants if they are showing any signs of being affected by atmospheric contaminants.
  • Detects any risk outside the Confined Space which could pose a threat to the entrants within the space.
  • If the Safety watch cannot effectively and safely perform all the duties required of the Safety watch

Knowledge skills and expertise :

Educational Qualifications: Minimum Higher Secondary Education
Relevant Work Experience: minimum 1-year experience in Safety & Loss Prevention in an Oil & Gas sector
English Language Skills: Basic written and oral communication skills in English
Trade Certificate / Specialized Trainings: Certified training as a Safety / Hole Watch.
Job Specific Requirements:

  • Sound knowledge of confined space hazards and controls.
  • Familiar in use of the portable gas detector during the work activity
  • Minimum 1 year experience in Safety & Loss Prevention in an Oil & Gas sector
  • Basic knowledge in the use of gas testing equipment and Emergency Life Saving Apparatus.


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