Project Manager

Job Type: Full Time
Career Level:: Intermediate/Bachelor's
Job Location:: South africa
Salary: market Competitive

Assist COMPANY in coordination with related departments;
Establish project management system;
Organize PMC members to prepare project management execution plan;
Administer PMC’s Personnel to carry out the overall Work;
Assist COMPANY tendering works, including ITB Preparation and bid evaluation;
Assist COMPANY the project meetings for coordination, documentation review and report;
Communicate with COMPANY on all project matters, Approve and issue project reports
prepared by PMC’s Personnel, Other related tasks expressly assigned by COMPANY.
Digital Requirements Analysis Engineer
Assist Project Manager to complete the overall design of the project;
Assist Project Manager to prepare technical route for combing and integrating the existing
software and platform resource;
Assist Project Manager in demand analysis;
Assist Project Manager in defining the scope of data collection and determining modelling
technology scheme;
Data utilization and intelligent analysis;
Assist the project manager to do investment budget review, economic and social benefit
analysis (quantitative and qualitative);
Assist the project manager to prepare bidding documents and pre-qualify;
Assist the project manager in contract negotiation and contract signing;
Other related tasks expressly assigned by Project Manager.
Digital Development Engineer
Provide technical support services for platform, network, security, database, cloud platform,
data lake, AI, data analysis, data governance, and data standards;
Assist Project Manager the preparation of ITB and technical evaluation
Assist Project Manager review all related technical documentations in the implementation
Assist the project manager in suggesting decision-making on major issues to COMPANY;
Review system deployment plans, development technology selection, and code writing
Control the operating efficiency and stability of system code;
Other related tasks expressly assigS

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